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Decide where to position your router

It is better to position your router in an open area. In case, there is no open area connecting your router to a broadband gateway from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Connecting to the Internet

Attach your router to a cable or mesh router. In case your device is far away from the ISP gateway, use CAT5e and CAT6 cables to connect your router to the Ethernet port of the ISP gateway. Second option is to connect an Ethernet port to the central location of the router.

Another option is to connect a mesh network to your router. Mesh networking allows multiple wifi transmitters to be placed at your home or workplace.

No matter which option you pick, a standard Ethernet cable will be connected to a WAN or internet port.

Check the router’s LED

If the LED light of your router is not on, make sure that you have connected the cable to the correct port.

Connect your device (laptop, computer) and check whether your router is working or not.

Configure the gateway of your wireless router

If your ISP provides a custom gateway with integrated routers, you must configure the gateway to disable its router functionality and instead pass the WAN IP address through.

Gateway to router connection

Turn off the gateway. If the ethernet cable is plugged into your gateway’s LAN port, unplug it and plug it into the WAN port of the router. Turn the gateway on and wait for it to boot. Plug and turn on the router’s power supply and wait for a few minutes.

Application and web dashboard

Use a mobile app if your router has one. If not, use the web-based dashboard and connect the router via ethernet to your device. If you don’t find the IP address printed anywhere, type

Login and Configure

You need to log in and use the default admin name and password to configure the router. Enter the credentials and create a new username and password once you log in.

Update the firmware of the router

You may also need to update the software that fixes the bug and offers new security problems.

Set up a new Wi-fi password

Change your default Wi-Fi username and password. Use a strong password using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Auto-configuration tools

You can also use auto-configuration features to completely set up your router.

Security set up

Log in  to the web dashboard and enable added security features like firewalls, web filtering, or VPN privacy.

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